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Strange P0519
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Got a strange problem going on, didnt know if anyone could shed some more insight with past experiences. Have been looking online, google, searches for the last 2 weeks and either the syptoms are different or other codes played a part in throwing a P0519
Car is a 03 legacy, 2.5 N/A MT.

CEL p0519 Idle Air Control System Performance

Car acts like it is cutting fuel in 2 cyl when your are driving in gear and let off the gas. Idles fine, runs good untill you let off the gas while still in gear. I am able to drive the car with no issues by making sure the clutch is pressed in before the gas is let off. Also by not letting off the throttle while driving(always accelerating).

What I've Checked:
-Checked the wiring from all of the sensors on the throttle body(they are all components of the idle system).
-Bench tested all the sensors which I was able to find specifications for. Replaced with known good senors: IAC, TPS, MAP, Air assist injector solenoid. Drove and still had same issues.
-I have cleaned all of the sensors above along with EGR, purge control valve.
-Intake has been smoke tested with no leaks found.
-Performed a FISC, pulled injectors to check for particles
-Made sure all pathways for the air off of the IAC were clear, all the way to the injector ports.

Any thoughts or ideas is greatly appreciated, even if i listed it i will try it agian. Thanks again
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