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Got lit up by LEO on the way to work.
After handing him my " papers"

LEO; You have a clue way I pulled you over?

Me; No

LEO; Don't you think you exhaust is a little load.

Me; No , It's been NYSI twice & been on the car for over a year & 35k miles. I drive thru here 5-6 days a wk. 120 mile a day thru 3 counties.

LEO; Your telling me you'll never been pulled over for this exhaust.

Me; No if I don't count another LEO. That like to pull me over to talk cars. The last time it was for this exhaust. He liked the sound, he wanted to know what can of exhaust it was.

LEO; OOO, you mite have one of you plate light out too.

Me; OK, I just had it inspected, 2 or 3 wks. ago.

LEO; Where?

I told him & he goes back to his car to run my name thru the system. He comes back.

LEO; Your license is clean and I don't think anyone is going to bother you, but consider this a verbal warning.

Me; Ok, I grab my cell.

LEO; What you doing.

Me;Calling my Boss & tell him I'm going to be late.

LEO; then walk away.

MY Boss got a out of it. And let me out an 1hr early

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