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My 92 Legacy Wagon Problems and Solutions
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I don't have any pictures to upload at the moment, I will try to snap some this weekend. This will be the very slow build of my wagon because funds are tight and I have too many projects.

It's a 92 Legacy Wagon with a 2.2 NA engine.

The back story is my friend was moving and my rabbit had just broke down so I needed a new daily. The thing is really ugly but it ran and only needed a new clutch. I made a deal to pay him $500 over a couple months and drove off with it.

I drove it around until the clutch went up in smoke. Literally there was white smoke every where and it died in an intersection. I got out and pushed while people were honking at me to move.

I ended up replacing the clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate. She drove amazing for 2 days then I had a blowout. I went and got 4 used tires from a tire shop and I was back on the road.

Now when driving, I was getting the check engine light for awhile then it'd turn off. The car would jerk and act like it wanted to die so I would slam on the gas and power through the jerks.

I replaced the house brand wires and Autolite plugs with NGK plugs and wires. The jerking went away, now the check engine light only comes on when I apply the brakes and goes off once I start moving again.

Is there a brake pad sensor or something that would trigger the check engine light? I do get loud squeaks when I apply my brakes.

Outside of fixing the check engine light, doing the rest of the maintenance I only plan on driving the piss out of the car while I build my other cars.

Question: It was asked on here but never confirmed. I can get cheap coilovers that are made for an impreza and they bolt on? What is a good size wheel I can stuff under here without too much rubbing issue. I was thinking 17x8 or 18x8.

That's it for now, will update as I do more work on it.
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