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thanks lol! thats terrible! i feel like my impreza was a lemon two weeks after i got it i had to go back to the dealership because my "new" battery was shot =( then my tranny started going at 40k and my head gasket had a nice leak but no one really took the time to listen to me telling them there was a problem! (which is another reason why i got the leggy) but that is interesting and very nice of them to compensate so well! ive somewhat got a subaru family! lol my sister started us off with her i think it was a 96 leggy wagon, then i got my impreza i convinced my dad to get my mom an 08 outback and she LOVES it going from a tank of a blazer to that was like a honda to a rolls for her lol! then my sister had a few other subies in the mix now shes got a 03 forrester x and she loves having the turbo but safety for her kids! now subaru needs to make a truck and well be a complete subaru family! but i dont think ill ever get my dad to trade his chevy in for something "unamerican" as he says

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Nice Curves!

I couldnt recall the code it was throwing, but i remember the car fluttering and the gauges going crazy and all lights on instrument panel flickering like crazy. I remember the stealership stating that they had to solder wires with the ECU and then had it replaced and 3 times later the problem was still ongoing. It was just over one year that this all happened and SOA said its not a "Lemon" so I told them Im not paying for a car Subaru cant fix. They refunded me my warranty money, inconvenience check as well, and gave me free gold plus warranty on my LGT as well. Im not sure how many owners had this issue but it was odd and taken care of. Shiet happens and just gotta deal with it.

Besides, we are a Subie family. My dad has an 04 STI, my cousin a 05 STI, my 08 LGT, my GF 11 Leggy, and her brother has a 12 Impreza =)