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Originally Posted by dr20t View Post
Without sounding like a fanboy here, but matt truly knows his stuff

My car was tuned by two VERY reputable tuners here in oz (guys that tune for targa Tasmania and circuit racers at a high level).

With no mechanical changes whatsoever, matt (throttlehappy) was able to completely transform my vehicle. I mean light years sort of stuff.

My consumption on e85 is 420kms from about 58 litres (I never risk running it lower than that because of the fewer outlets of e85 we have here, which is infect e70-75 as it's a blend not straight e85). This is with a moderate right foot too and a mix of hwy and city driving.

Im not trying to be a dick here, but you can be skeptical all you like, there are guys here getting some pretty fantastic results from matt's work. I'm talking milage, power, drivability and overall driving pleasure.

The guy is a master - I've heard it from four or five different tuners who have been at it for years.

Maybe we can try to learn from his expertise instead of shooting each other down so quickly - just a suggestion

By the way I would still very much appreciate some direction on the bronze centre diff bushings....

I tuned the highest ranking Subaru placement for Targa Tasmania though 20mph to 150mph in 10 seconds

Originally Posted by frank_ster View Post
^ well i am trying to learn what he is doing but i am very skeptical because i have tried all of these things already. and his results are truely too go to be true.
and as i have stated subaru has already tried a lot of these things. where 05 is at 10 deg advance and 07 is at 45 at cruse. and the 07 is worse for mpg.
for the combination of effects to make this work well. running richer more egr and more timming . i can try that this after noon again. and still be same or worse mpg's.
as much as i would love for this to be true i don't think it is.
as for center diff bushings i have material and such to make a batch of 3 kits. i just need to get them done.
The chances of getting my 'combination' right is definitely not an easy one. Do not use a static value for AVCS Engine has different demands at different rpm AND if you normally see 0.4g/rev on cruise then lift AVCS at 0.6g/rev and then drop fast above 0.6g/rev so that if your towing the engine load will stay high as the inertia will keep load high BUT the AVCS high point will cut off airflow and then you only need to increase throttle to maintain speed etc. Think of it as surfing a big wave... you dont want to come down the wave face too far and you dont want to go back over the top

Originally Posted by lieutenantcolumbo View Post
Too bad BMX045 is banned and can't chime in.
Think he was pretty pleased w/ the results from throttlehappy.

Curious if you tune with just RR or with the AP as well?
BMX045 just got per gear boost control... I suspect he will be posting a video up shortly cause first gear is BRUTAL!

Originally Posted by doccrowley View Post
So, is throttle happy taking customers for e-tunes? And if so, how do we go about the process and what are the charges?

Forged pistons, race bearings, STi exhaust valves, ARP head studs, 850cc side feed injectors, Deutchwerks 300 fuel pump, Perrin Top Mount intercooler, E70 ethanol blend, BNRhta68 turbo and 5EAT w/ hex mods valve body--shift kit and center diff brass bushings.

Currently getting 12 miles per gallon with spirited driving, 16-18 mixed city/highway and 21mpg freeway only at 70mph.
I am dead set serious when I say I am booked out until late November If you can wait, can possibly sort something out.

Originally Posted by hadvw View Post
I'll admit - I didn't realize you were the same throttlehappy from over on the RR forums, etc. With a post count of 4, I thought maybe a troll.

I'll still take your claims with a pinch of salt, but not a barrel anymore
All good, I was hesitant on joining another forum, was content lurking but figured I need to clear a few things up

Originally Posted by hadvw View Post
Would also be interested - more basic mods here (650cc, walbro, bnr16g, OEM TMIC, gutted OEM pipes). Would LOVE better mpg. Currently have an APv1 tune, but could easily switch to RR, obviously.. Would also love to have the "better shifting" effect that bmx045 mentioned.

How long does an e-tune take? Do you need a WBO2 for tuning?
Prefer a WB for tuning, my e-tunes are a one time charge so I even have a customer from 08 who still occasionally gets tweaks to suit new spark plugs/MAF/O2 sensors etc