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Looking at an 08 3.0R
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Hi everyone, i have owned imprezas most of my driving career, mostly the first gen style, 14 in total to be exact lmao. i have owned 1 05 LGT too.

However im in the market for an 08 09 3.0R.
Im looking at a 08 currently, downside is that is has 120k on the clock.
My main concern is how reliable are these thing?
what are their known problems?
what should i look out for?

I want to add that i test drove an 05 Outback 3.0r recently with 155k and during an overnight test drive, the tranny cooling line (the one that goes the the radiator) popped off and i creeped it to a gas station, few days later i called the service department and the said the tranny is fried .
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