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car won't start after turbo/fuel upgrade and timing belt?
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this is gonna be long, sorry in advance

this past weekend did the following:
timing belt, water pump, thermostat
dw650 top feeds, and 65c fuel pump
perrin tmic
cobb intake
trans cooler
ngk plugs (1 range colder)
infamous e tune with the cobb ap

everythings done and the car cranks strong, starts to pick up like it's gonna start, but never does.

we smell gas strongly, and can hear the pump priming

no fault codes being thrown at all

checked all the major fuses and relays

checked and triple checked the timing marks before ever cranking, and even after just to rule it out

no harnesses or plugs left unplugged, and the only ground we removed that was behind the battery, is back on firmly

pulled a coil and plug, cranked the car with it out, and it sparked but seemed kinda weak

had an odd problem with ap manager though, when i installed it on my desktop running windows 7 it somehow broke all my network drivers, wouldn't let me connect to the internet through hard wire, or wireless. dunno if there's any way it could have corrupted my tune, but uninstalled it and had to do a system restore to the day before to get my comp working again.

so tossed it on my laptop with xp instead, which that time it prompted me to update my ap's firmware, which i did, then deleted the tune off the ap, and copied back to it from the orig email infamous sent me.

called cobb about that weirdness and they'd never heard of it happening before.

i've tried flashing back to the ots stage 2 map i was running before the turbo upgrade but it still didn't start.

the battery never dropped below 12 volts during any of the flashes

pretty damn stumped for the moment! any help/info MUCH appreciated
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