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Ok did the change. First off, amazing how much smoother idle is. Im guessing the small change in weight has something to do with it but everything just seems smoother and quieter. The change took me about 40 mins from start to finish including jacking (the car) etc.

I found that the crush washer that napa gave me was completely out of spec, not even remotely the right diameter. Since the oil was drained and i had no other car as the wife is at work all day i ended up reusing the same washer (i know i know) which ive done a couple times in the past with no leaks etc. left the pan off of the bottom and took it out for a spirited drive, no leaks so i think im good until next change.

One thing i was sortof disappointed to find though was that the metal gaurd that covers the headers is rusted right through right under the oil pan plug. I though that was weird since its covered by the plastic paneling under the car but i guess road salt from two winters and however many heat cool cyles will do that eventualy. Is there and aftermarket replacement for this?
I also didnt have a oil filter wrench so i had to hand loosen and tighten. No problems as far as i could tell. Just retighted with my internal torque gauge.

All in all happy with the change so far. I think ill still do my 3000mi oci but definately a little more confident having this oil in the car for the duration!

Ill report back with if my engine seizes.