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Originally Posted by ehsnils View Post
Have them check your injectors and O2 sensors when you are there since if you have had that problem more than once there has to be a problem. If the injectors are unbalanced so one gives more or less than the others then the cat will get unnecessary strain to take care of the problem.
Is there a DIY way to check the injectors and sensors? I never suspected that, I change my spark plugs every 30K miles and the ceramic parts are always the same tan color.

Originally Posted by slowGT View Post
I agree.

What gas do you run? Any gas additives? Running too rich, or what is your gas mileage like compared to other PZEV's?

Killing two cats within 150,000 miles seems strange to me.

Although I see your ECM was reprogrammed, so hmmm.
Arco 89 octane, I never put any extra additives in. My mileage is around 20-25 mpg around town, low to mid 30 mpg highway.