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Originally Posted by dr20t View Post
Frank - as I said I understand the skepticism to some degree but I'm telling you first hand that this man has an intricate working knowledge of the drivers of these engines and the ecu.

One thing I don't know if people are aware of is that matt actually writes his own code. So where ordinarily other tuners will have access to say 17-20 tables to play with, matt has over 70 I believe.

These include extensions to existing data tables such as load in grams / s, knock correction, avcs overlap and many others I'm sure he would like to protect for his own ip.

The proof really is in the pudding and right now I am loving that pudding and have been for over two months.

One thing you're also missing is that our audm cars have quad avcs, meaning obviously egr as a wholistic oem system works to use intake and exhaust cam timing to assist in the Venturi / scavenge effect and therefore improve fuel economy.

I also believe you're not seeing the point on oem tune being not ONLY for fuel efficiency. As matt has explained above (and previously to myself), Subaru would have optimized fuel efficiency ONLY if it did not jeopardize the pollution or emission requirements of this modern era.

Therefore there comes a point where pulling OL fueling will have a dastardly effect on emissions and thus richening the mixture was the only solution. Obviously i am simplifying this here, but the Subaru tech's would've done everything possible to keep milage at it's best AND simultaneously keep emissions down

So once you remove the restriction, milage can be vastly improved

Thanks for responding about the bushes too , much appreciated. Please let me know once they're ready and I'll grab a set of you for sure

the newer subarus here come with intake and exhaust adjustable timming camshafts.

as for the tables that we have acess to are plenty do be able to do as he says. fuel , spark and cam timming.

as for subaru tuning for emissions yes but surly burning half the fuel would net in a fairly clean tune i dont see half of half the fuel being wasted on such a clean tune.

on the other hand if he is only able to get such amazing mpg's on dual avcs 95% of us are out of that picture anyways.

your car as you say is getting 450 km per tank of e85? that would equate to 650-700 km if it was e10. since e 85 has about 50% lower btu's.
Now that's thinking out of the boxer!
fyi all 05 + legacy's have built in code reader