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How Much Play In Your Gas Cap?
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My Check Engine light came on and the Cruise Control began flashing after I went over an off camber highway bridge expansion joint at speed. I was leaving Toronto, heading west via the Gardener, anyone that drives that stretch knows the area I'm talking about. With the help of this very site and specifically this forum, I checked the gas cap and sure enough, I didn't tighten it all the way and that bump must have dislodged it. I threaded it correctly and clicked it a couple times. After a couple hundred kilometers, both lights went off, only to come back on the same day. I needed to gas up today and noticed that when the cap is threaded correctly there is still some play. I can wiggle the cap after it has been tighten past clicking. Could that be the source of the Check Engine and flashing Cruise or is it normal? Next time you are gassing up can you see if your cap can be wiggled after it has been tightened? I drive a 2006 Legacy GT wagon, with a manual transmission. I don't want to bring it in if the light will go off on its own, which it did... briefly.

Thanks in advance, to all those that will help.
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