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Originally Posted by Sweet Mercy View Post
Thanks for the replies, help and info! Update!

I've driven 200 miles since I reset the PO302 cylinder 2 misfire and that's when I added the seafoam to the gas and to the oil. Car is running fine--but it always did run fine. No issues to report at all right now so who knows.....Changed the oil yesterday after 110 miles of having seafoam in the oil.

One other thing: For the last few years (3-4) the car has idled rough. The rpm gauge doesn't seem to fluctuate but while sitting in the car and idling, you can feel the entire car shake. Not like a roller-coaster but you can certainly feel it. It may idle smooth for a few seconds and then shake, then smooth, then shake. Dealership said that was "normal".
The only other thing it does is this: Engine sounds like it is "tapping" and it's done that for as long as I can remember. Dealership again said that is "normal" for that car.
These engines cause a little more shake/vibration @ idle then others, they are boxer engines and if you think about it the firing order would cause it to shake a little left/right/left/right while firing, check your motor mounts they may be weak
The EJ series always makes a little tapping, what you need to be concerned about is if the tapping gets worse over time. The engines need cam/valve lash etc, but it its getting worse you have a wear problem somehwere internally