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DIY: H9 Bulbs in H11 Fogs
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As most of you may know H11 is the OEM bulb size for our fog lights, but not many know that there's another brighter option. H9 bulbs are usually used for low beams, but no one told me I can't use it in my fog lights. I chose not to use HIDs (even though I have spares) because that's just way too bright and defeat the purpose of its function.


H11 55w, painted tip, 1350 lumens
H9 65w, clear tip, 2100 lumens

I used Nokya Hyper Yellow 2500k H9 Bulbs with HD Ceramic Harness




H9 Cut/shave the shorter tab off to convert the plug to H11.


H9 is brighter than H11 on paper, but in real life comparisons I don't think H9 makes that big of a difference for all this trouble, so it's really up to you if you want to do all this for the small but noticeable benefit. It is a bit brighter and if you opt to use yellow bulbs it actually looks really good (maybe because it doesn't have the painted tip). About the increased heat, I've read temperature tests and H9 creates about the same amount of heat as H11 so I'm sure the OEM wires will be fine. As a precaution, I used heavy duty ceramic harness anyway. I'm also using HD ceramic harness for my 55w Nokya Hyper Yellow 9005 high beam bulbs.

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