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^ Ok initial thoughts...take into account I have less than 100 miles on them so they probably still have a little residue on them and aren't fully"broken" in.

Car: 2011 3.6R w/ OEM suspension except for 19mm rear sway bar. OEM wheels.

Michelin MXM4 94W vs. Conti DWS 94W
...if I were to grade 1-10

Comfort: M: 9 DWS: 7 (M feel much smoother as they are a LRR tire. M take bumps and impacts better...not as soft as OEM 93V Turanza, but they sucked in every other category)

Noise: M: 9 DWS: 7 (M are very quiet)

Dry Traction: M: 8.5 DWS: 9 (Only docking the M a half point. I only notice a difference during extreme cornering. Perhaps I just have more confidence in the DWS as I have 3 years exerience with them vs. 1 week. The M are just a tad behind in feeling secure the entire way through a hairpin turn at high speed. I'll take it....much more enjoyment out of the overall ride quality.)

Wet Traction: M:8.5 DWS:9 (Read Dry Traction)

Sexy: M:7 DWS:9 (DWS just more pretty although M have nice big blocks)

Other notes:

Side Wall:
Some people say the DWS have soft sidewalls. I've never found them to be an issue. I will say when you push on the side wall of the M you can see the tread block move with it, with the DWS the sidewall alone squishes in.

Highway Ride:
M:9 DWS:7 (DWS never felt fully balanced...could feel a bit nervous at times. Had that with the GT...took several times to balance them and get them feeling "correct"...but were worse this time around on the R)

Snow Traction: M:7 DWS:9 (Pure guess, but given my good experience with DWS in the snow and looking at tread pattern, DWS wins here)

Price w/MPG and Tread Life M: $728 ($182ea.) (online price match Mr. Tire) DWS: $552 ($138ea.) (Discount tire) Prices are sometimes lower w/ promotions, but using these prices for example.

Many people I've emailed or reviews I've read say it looks like you can expect 40-45K out of the M while probably 30-35K out of the DWS...which I would support give my experience with the DWS. For sake of argument we'll knock it down to 20% more out of the M instead of 25%.

So at 20% more tread life on the DWS that's another $110 to the DWS to get the same mileage as the M. Making them now $662.

Now if you factor in the M being LRR tires which should gain you better MPG. (Again a guess, but given tread pattern and tire purpose i think its plausible) I'll shoot low here...a mere 0.5mpg gain (2.5% at 20MPG). At 12000 miles a year you'll drink 600 gallons with the DWS and 585 gallons with the M. At $3.75 a gallon that's $56.25 a year. Add that over 3 years and the DWS cost jumps to $830.75.

Bottom line, I'm not sorry I switched. If you want to feel more of the road and need better snow traction go with DWS. If you want more comfort go with MXM4.


Observation this morning. The smooth sidewall area on the MXM4 is taller than the DWS. From the lip to where the tread starts on the MXM4 is @64mm, while @54mm on the DWS. Same OD, the DSW tread just wraps around further. So I would guess under extreme cornering they may have the edge. Although the MXM4 has firmer sidewall so perhaps they would not flex as much...dunno.

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