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Originally Posted by TehRicer View Post
Great start!

I vote on ditching the rear fill. If you are heading that route, study da piss outa t/a, phase, etc.

Lol, take that money & add a set of midranges. I'm near positive that H/U has 3-way active capabilities

And yes, that is something I've debated myself. A lot of audiophiles recommend going hi-mid-low out of the 3 RCAs of head units and using those 3-way components systems to get a 6", a 3" higher-mids, and a tweeter. The Pioneer Stage-4 (DEX-P99RS) head unit actually has an insane number of RCA outs (four). The DEH-80PRS I'm looking to get has the typical three RCA outs.

While there's no argument the three-way component layout would sound better, the difficulty and price of that arrangement is really ramped up from the regular 2-way component layout. The issue would be having to fabricate or purchase a pod and adapt it to my Legacy. I hate A-pillar mounted stuff, so it would have to be a door pod or me doing a custom install instead of using stock mounts. I'm already going to add dampening material to my doors (ie: dynamat-like stuff), so I don't really want to pile on the additional work of doing 3-ways.

As for the rear doors, I'd probably buy the front door components first, listen and tune the system, then determine if I want rear fill as well. I'm after a lot of tight mid-bass (which is why I'm only adding an 8" sub), so having four 6" speakers is a plus if I have the amp power there. If I like the sound of just the front doors, then I'll add an entry-level model of Focal components (just the 6") to the rear doors for fill. If I want a little more power out of them, I'll duplicate the front K2 Power models in the rear doors.

So I'm up for changing my game plan in the rear fill department, but I'm not willing to go 3-way up front.

But just to appease the possibility, I'm going to get the K2 Power components and tweak and listen to them first. If I'm really not happy with the separation of frequencies, then I can always move them to rear fill and incorporate a 3-way in the front. I've listened to the 3-way and 2-way K2 line in shops, and the 2-way is adequate for me. But as we all know, things sound different in our vehicles than they do on a demo board.

So thanks for the advice TehRicer. It brings back some old debates I've done in my head to get me thinking about possibilities again.