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Fuel Injectors, maybe a tune?
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Hi all, **Update 10/06/12** See post on this date.

I have an 05 Legacy GT Turbo with 117K miles on the odometer. It's been a great car. Two wheel bearings, battery and a turbo at 58K--replaced under warranty.

I recently been getting Cylinder misfire codes. They started right after my 100K mile tune-up---not sure if it's related or coincidence.

Anyway, had a PO301, the dealer tried almost everything but to no success. Finally moved the injector to cylinder 4 but the CEL did not follow the move so who knows...

17K miles later I get a PO302. I'm thinking about changing the injectors as that seems to be a common issue as these cars age or at least from what I can find.

My questions are, where is the best place to buy the injectors and is FJ942 the correct one? Again, 05 Turbo 2.5L

I've contemplated purchasing a bigger injector and getting a tune but I honestly don't know enough about it or where to start. I'd love for the car to run a little better. Can someone give me some pointers on that or do you all think I should just keep it stock/factory??
I guess if I'm going to make a change, now is the time to do it. If I do go with an aftermarket injector, how do I go about getting it tuned and is there anything else involved, like a high flow fuel pump etc?? Sorry if I'm talking like an amateur but I've never changed anything on this car or any car but there's a first time for everything....


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