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Originally Posted by b18c_ej8 View Post
I'm pretty torn between these two choices right now:

2009 3.0R with 60K
2008 LGT with 30K.

The 3.0R is $1k less than the LGT, and twice as far away from me.

I failed to mention before that this car will be a "pleasure" car, as I have a company vehicle for work. It'll get driven mainly on the weekends, so I won't be putting 60 miles a day on anymore like I did before I had the company Jeep getting to/from work.

Would I be a fool to pass up an LGT with 30K miles priced at $18k for a 3.0R with double the miles but a year newer and a thousand cheaper? What a dilemma... LOL!!!
Pleasure --> LGT.

Invest a couple thousand in it once you get it (downpipe, tune, light suspension & brake mods, etc.) and you're good to go. Or go insane, the choice is yours. And people on this site have done everything in between, so learn from them.