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This worked great. I followed the steps preciously using the same parts with the exception of the hardwire kit. I used the HardTap HardWire Kit from Blendmount because I didn't want the remote display on the dash. Thank you for the walkthrough!

To those who mentioned MirrorTap from Blendmount I would not use that product. Hardwiring takes about 30 minutes on the Legacy and it won't damage your molex connector.


Originally Posted by blklgt05 View Post
a) BlendMount Radar Detector Mount (awesome product, solid detector mount, no vibrations)
b) Direct wire SmartCord (comes with vampire tap and zip ties)
c) Bussmann BP/HHH ATM Add-A Fuse Fuse tap
d) 2x 10A Mini Fuse (low profile mini fuse will not fit into the fuse tap)

1. Follow instructions that comes with the mount and install it, pretty simple. [Figure 1]

[Figure 1]

2. Remove side and under panels below the steering wheel .
3. Ground the SmartCord ground wire to the bolt (10mm). [Figure 2]

[Figure 2]

4. Connect the vampire tap to the fuse tap wire and connect SmartCordís wire to the vampire tap. [Figure 3]

[Figure 3]

5. Connect the 10A mini fuse to the fuse tap. [Figure 4]
6. Follow the driver side fuse coverís map to locate [CIGAR] 10A fuse, remove it and connect the fuse tap. [Figure 4]

[Figure 4]

7. Connect radar detector, turn ignition to ON to test it. [Figure 5]

[Figure 5]

8. Zip tie SmartCord RD wires to mirrorís wires. [Figure 6]
9. Remove the plastic mirror wire cover and hide the RD wire behind it. [Figure 6]

[Figure 6]

10. Tuck wire into the roof coverings all the way to the A pillar. [Figure 7]

[Figure 7]

11. Follow [Figure 8], tuck the wire into the A pillar cover and down to the under panels.

[Figure 8]

12. After following all the wires into the under panel, refer to [Figure 9] for the location of placing the SmartCordís mute/warning controller. Zip tie the rest of the wires in the under panel, put everything back together and youíre done!

[Figure 9]