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Thanks. It is way more work and effort than I thought. I'm sure there are some better tricks that would expedite the process but I haven't found them yet. LOL, my wife could really care less. She's happy with the vehicle as long as it starts and gets her down the road. I have taken sole responsibility for our vehicles. I came in last night after working on the rest of the roof saying, "man, I just don't know if it's worth the effort...." with her response being, "exactly". HAHA I know she secretly care....

As for the effort, I taped everything off and started in on the rest of the room. While I was looking at the 3M products, I noticed that they had a heavy duty rubbing compound. Almost $20 for the bottle, but if it cut my time down from using the turtle rubbing compound ($3.99) it would be worth it. Well let me tell you, it was a mess to use and it wasn't enough to knock the blemish down, it barely touched it. Upon switching back to the turtle product, I should have washed the car, re-taped and started again, but I started right in with the Turtle rubbing compound. The rest of the process through all the steps left a greasy film on all of the compounds that I couldn't buff out. It was a bit of a mess. Needless to say, I won't be using that 3M product for this type of application again. I spent close to 4 hours lastnight on the rest of the roof and only got it down to about 65% compared to the 95% knockdown on the previous attempt. Besides wet sanding, there has got to be an easier solution. If I come across it, I will be sure to share.