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2012 LGT BM9: Invidia Q300 Installed + Notes (cat-back, for now)
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2012 Legacy GT (BM9)
Invidia Q300 cat-back using an 8% Labor Day promo code w/ Free Shipping
Invidia Q300 Quality: 5 / 5


Difficulty (2-person): 1 / 5
Difficulty (1-person): 2 / 5
Tools: ramp set, 12mm & 14mm sockets and wrenches
Notes: Invidia provides all gaskets, bolts & nuts, and pipes to do the installation. No directions included.

Hey guys, my buddy and I just installed the Invidia Q300--cat-back section only since Cobb Stage 2 maps aren't out yet--on my GT. The build quality is top-notch. The exhaust tips are huge and fill the exhaust cut-outs on the rear bumper as if they were meant-to-be. The tips don't jut out obnoxiously. The sound is nice and deep; burble, eh, not so much, although there is a hint of it. Drone isn't as bad I as I imagined. At 65MPH+ (6th gear), it barely exists; at less than 2000RPM in any gear, yes, you'll hear it.

The only cause of concern is where the stock down-pipe (DP) and the new resonator pipe meet. The stock DP has a sort of inner, recessed collar that inserts into the stock resonator pipe. That collar doesn't fit into the new DP, so the new gasket will not work effectively; I left it off. My buddy and I just tightened the bolts connecting the stock DP and the new resonator pipe to reduce the chances of an exhaust leak. Maybe there's an adapter that fixes this? Hopefully it'll be moot once Cobb releases Stage 2 for the 2012 LGT and I install the new catted DP.

Note: The spring-bolts that were removed are not reused as a new flex-joint is designed into the new resonator pipe.

The rest of the installation went relatively smooth and the pipes aligned almost perfectly with the exhaust cut-outs on the rear bumper. The right-side muffler does sag about 4-5mm lower than the left one.

Prior to breaking in the exhaust, the left muffler was exhibiting a loud sputter at a higher frequency that the right one. I figured it was a noise that would disappear once the exhaust broke it, and it did after driving about 10 miles.

I'll be sure to post a follow-up video demonstrating the new exhaust tone.

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