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I am about half way through this job.
So will post more pics when done.

I need to do the other head now.

Adding some more photos :

Driver side Cylinder head from the front.

Cams from the side

Timing Belt Right/passenger side

Timing Belt middle

Timing Belt Left Side/Driver Side


Loosen the cam sprocket bolts, BEFORE you take off the timing belt and jack up the engine.
I didn't do this, and the bolts were extremely hard to remove.
You can use the homemade Crank Shaft Pulley tool (see photo in a page 2 later post) to hold the crankshaft while removing the 4 camshaft sprockets.

This is one of the more difficult things about this head gasket job, and seems many people have problems with it.
For one of cam sprocket bolts, I had to use 2 vice grips on the camshaft and the old timing belt as a strap wrench to hold the crankshaft gear, while I removed the cam sprocket bolt.
I also used a couple of 2X4 pieces of wood to jam the vice grips against the frame of the car, and not let them move.

For another of the bolts, I used a 1" open ended wrench on the hex portion of the cam shaft.
You need to remove the rocker cover to do this.

I used a 25 inch breaker bar, and short impulse movements to break the bolts free.
So dont push on the bolts with a long type of push, it has to be a short jerky impact force.
Hard to describe. But almost like you are wacking the bolt with a quick sharp punch, not pushing the bolt smoothly.

The space is very tight, so it's not easy

Also I ended up using 2 bottle hydraulic jacks to jack up the engine and a stack of 2X4 wood to support the transmission.
I also used jack stands to support car at support points on the side of the car.
Safety : dont rely on the jacks to support the car only.

Also, count the teeth on the belt, dont just rely on the marked lines on the belt.

On the EJ25, the teeth numbers, starting from the passenger side lower Exhaust Cam sprocket line:

28, 54.5, 51, 28

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