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"Overheated" and now won't start
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My wife and I were traveling Labor Day across Wyoming when the car computer beeps, I look down and it shows a temperature symbol. I look at the temp guage and it is just touching the bottom of the red zone. I immediately turn on the heater and turn off the AC, ambient temp was varying between 78-82. The car lost power right away and when I put the clutch in the engine died. I pop the hood and there is coolant all over the engine bay from the coolant overflow tank cap popping open. Added water to the overflow tank and it sucked about 3/4 of that back into the radiator over severa minutes. Added more but the level didn't change much after that. Can't get the car to start. The starter will turn, but it will not fire up. When releasing the key you can hear a whirring noise as if something is still spinning (driver's side of engine while standing over the engine). CEL is on, SI Drive is flashing "S". I pulled the battery for a few minutes, reconnected still won't start. Later after I had a Labor Day tow to a populated area where I actually had reception I downloaded Torque and pulled the codes P0345 and P0345. All fluid levels were fine before leaving. After incident the oil is still full and clean. What do you supposed happened?

1500 miles ago I had the short block, turbo, and oil pump replaced. The dealership added in the banjo filter. Subaru roadside assistance was of no help so I had it towed to the nearest town which of course had no Subaru dealership (closest one is about 150 miles away). My wife and I rented a car to get to our destination. I spoke to a technician at the "Subaru service center" (they share it with Chevy/Buick because the town is so small). His gut diagnosis was that the valve gasket blew out (I believe that is the head gasket) which caused the coolant to get pushed out. He then started to ask me about the history of the vehicle since it was relatively new ('09 XT with 23248 miles). I informed him of the 1/2 engine replacement and he asked if the heads were machined. I did not know. He called the dealership it was serviced at and confirmed that they did not send the heads out for machining (either they felt they didn't need to be or they were doing sloppy work). He seemed pretty convinced at this point that it is a head gasket. Would you agree?
Now I get to worry about getting roadside assistance to cover a tow but that will be in another thread.
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