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Originally Posted by 978subie View Post
*Lots of text warning*

The back story:

We bought a 2005 Legacy GT Limited at the end of June, and it's been nothing but problems. It came from a Hyundai dealer (yeah, yeah, I already know what you're thinking) and it was bone stock with 89k miles on it, 5EAT.

The dealer said that they were replacing the timing belt on it when we came to look at it, so we had to wait to really get a good look at it. When it was ready and we did see it, we loved it, so we instantly decided it was the car we were looking for. So, we did the paperwork and took it home that day.

First problem area: stuttering and whatnot on acceleration, especially uphill, and felt like a loss of power sometimes.

Not too long after this, we hit Problem Area 2: I charged my phone in the car for 10ish minutes with the car off and the power on (stupid mistake) and killed the battery. I don't know if that was normal for the battery to die so quickly, but I used a jump starter to try to get it going again.

Upon starting it for the first time, the CEL came on, and the airbag light and sport mode were both flashing. I took it to autozone, and the codes read something I cant remember possibly about the battery or fuel, and the other was TCM and had no info.

The car was acting funny and not really shifting at the appropriate times, but I was able to put it in diagnostic mode and somehow clear the codes and the car acted fine again so we just let it be. We told the dealer, who was supposed to order the TCM and replace it, but before that could happen the CEL came on again, and was acting funny, but once the code was cleared it was normal again.

This time, the car completely died, was stuck in park at midnight with a dead battery. Had to get it towed to a firends house, got a battery the next morning and it started up. Upon driving the hour drive home, the car was whining and sounded like it was a pencil sharpener with something metal in it, and sounded like someone was slapping a paddle under the pedals. It miraculously made the drive to the dealer.

Here's the kicker: the dealer says the timing belt was wrong. We drove for almost 6000 miles in this car, and they replaced the belt again but the metal in the pencil sharpener noise is still there. They don't know what's wrong with it, and are sending it to Subaru on Monday.

How much damage could have happened to this car?

Should we try to return the car to the dealer?

What could be wrong? Turbo? Engine? Differential? Transmission?

Are we in over our heads with this car?
Sounds more like EAT issue than engine. Trans goes into limp mode.. possible front oil pump failure causing noise and lack of shifting.