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Steering & Suspension Modifications

Note about Steering / Suspension parts :
Most of the links I'm providing are for Whiteline parts. Whiteline is pretty much top of the line. They cost a little bit more, but their parts (at least in my experience) are much stronger then the competitors and perform much better. Remember, you get what you pay for. If you want to stay cheap (and have piss poor parts), then do an eBay search for generic Chinese parts. If you want something durable that performs great, I suggest sticking with Whiteline. Some of the other bigger names are decent as well (Rallitek, Kartboy, etc)
As far as handling modifications go, swaybars are the biggest bang for your buck. The difference they make is asternomical on stock suspension. Pair swaybars with a good strut/spring or coilover setup, and you will have one hell of a good handling car.

Front Swaybar
Whiteline 20mm BSF14
Whiteline 22mm BSF19X
Whiteline 22mm Adjustable BSF19XZ
Rallitek 22mm 109578 (40-1008)
Addco 25mm

Rear Swaybar
Whiteline 20mm BSR19XZ
Whiteline 22mm Adjustable BSR19XXZ
Rallitek 22-25mm Adjustable 109325 (40-1002)
Addco 22mm

Front Endlinks
Whiteline Heavy Duty KLC20A
Whiteline Extra Heavy Duty KLC31
Whiteline Front Endlink Bushings W22259

Rear Endlinks
Whiteline Heavy Duty KLC19
Whiteline Extra Heavy Duty KLC26
Whiteline Rear Endlink Bushings E22260

Rear Swaybar Mounts
Whiteline 20mm Rear Swaybar Mount KBR21-20
Whiteline 22mm Rear Swaybar Mount KRB21-22
Whiteline 24mm Rear Swaybar Mount KRB21-24

Swaybar Bushings
Whiteline Front 20mm W0404-20
Whiteline Front 22mm W0404-22
Whiteline Rear 20mm W0404-20
Whiteline Rear 22mm W0404-22
Whiteline Rear 24mm W0404-24

Struts & Springs
H&R Sport Springs (-1.5”, -1.25”)
RS☆R Lowering Springs (-1.25”,- 1.25”)
Eibach Lowering Springs (-1.2”,-1.2”)
Saggy Butt Spacers
Cures the "saggy butt" look when you use lowering springs.
One of the biggest handling modifications you can do is tweaking your alignment for the way you drive. Here are various parts that allow you to customize your alignment outside of the stock adjustments on your car.
Whiteline Rear Adjustable Lateral Links KTA108
Adjustable lateral links in the rear allow you to dial in your rear alignment setting further than what the stock adjustments call for. These will allow for both camber and toe corrections. When using these, be sure to use a toe lock out kit.
Whiteline Rear Toe Lock Kit
Whiteline Rear Camber Adjustment Bolts
These are needed to dial in your rear camber settings if you are not using adjustable lateral links.
Whiteline Camber Correcting Lower Control Arm Bushing KCA375
Whiteline Castor Correcting Lower Control Arm Bushing (Motorsports) KCA375A
Whiteline Anti-Lift & Castor Correction KCA319A
Whiteline Anti-Lift & Castor Correction KCA319 (Comfort)
Whiteline Anti-Lift & Castor Correction KCA319M (Motorsports)
Whiteline Front Roll Center Adjusting Ball Joints KCA313
This is a must for lowered vehicles. It helps with bump steer problems and brings the control arms & CV axles back to the proper angles.
Whiteline Offset Front Strut Mounts
Provides some Camber / Castor correction.
Whiteline Front Camber Adjustment Bolts
Our cars come out of the factory with front camber adjusting bolts (upper position on the steering knuckle), but these bolts will allow for further adjustment over what the stock bolts provide.

Whiteline Front Strut Tower Brake KSB660
Whiteline Rear Strut Tower Brace KSB590Q
HIGHLY recommended for wagons
Whiteline Strut Tower Brake Quick Disconnect Set KSB790

Coilovers are hard to find for our cars. Your best shopping for coilovers for any 02-07 WRX. Here are a few to get you started though. A general rule of thumb I go by with coilovers is that if they cost less than $1000, then expect a lower quality product. If you're looking for the best of the best, I highly recommend the D2Racing coilovers. They are simply amazing.
D2 Racing
Megan Racing
BC Racing
Raceland (budged coilovers - questionable quality)

Whiteline Front Control Arm Front Bushing W51709
Whiteline Front Control Arm Rear Bushing W51710
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings 25mm
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings 30mm
Whiteline Rear Diff Cradle Bushings W91380
Whiteline Rear Diff Outrigger Bushings W91379
Rear Control Arm Inner & Outer Bushings W61382
Whiteline Rear Trailing Arm Front Bushing W61381
Whiteline Rear Trailing Arm Rear Bushing W61383
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