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Engine Modifications

Note : Most of this information is for the EJ25D (2.5L engine in the GT and Outback). Some of this stuff crosses over the the EJ22E, but please verify before you do so.

Turbo Swaps & Builds
Looking for massive power? This is what you need to read.

Cold Air Intake
Cold Air Intake systems are generally frowned upon on these cars. The "better" option is a hybrid style intake.

Perrin Lightweight Crank Pulley
Karyboy Lightweight Crank Pulley
These will enhance your throttle response and make your engine rev faster.

Your selection of mufflers is almost endless. You can run anything from eBay "fart cans" to Flowmasters. A popular choice seems to be Vibrant mufflers.

There are a few different options for headers out there, but the Speedy Racer headers have proven to be pretty good, and very affordable too.

Note on Borla headers :
Borla headers are a more expensive option, but they are known to crack very easy. Unless you want to waste a bunch of money, I would stay away from them

MSD Coilpack
This is almost a "must do" modification for anyone interested in performance. Better spark = better power. Be sure to accompany your new coilpack with a good set of plugs and wires.

Intake Manifold Spacers
The theory behind these is that if you space your intake manifold further away from the block / heads, heat soak will be reduced....therefor air will be cooler and more dense. I've personally never tried them because I don't think they will make any notable difference.

Group N Engine Mounts
Solid / stiff mounts will reduce your throttles response time by eliminating twisting in the driveline. Keep in mind that with these types of mounts, you will experience more noise and vibrations in the car.
Kartboy Engine Pitchstop Mount

Kartboy Oil Cap

Port & Polish Heads
The idea behind porting and polishing your heads is to allow more airflow through them. More airflow = more power.

Header Heat Wrap
Helps keep the heat from your exhaust inside your exhaust instead of radiating out onto other important stuff (like the engine and transmission).

Camshaft Grinding
There are several different options here. Depending on how you grind your cams you can get more low, mid, or high range power. Remember though, there is always trade offs. If you grind your cams for a lot of low end power, you will be lacking on the high end....and it works the other way around too.
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