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Cobb rep will tell you its a mechanical problem or your fuel is the issue; not their maps.... get a e-tune that supports accessport from a vendor like infamous, and call it good.

Here is my cobb story:

My first cobb map 91 ATv...gave me lots of knock correction and knock learning, all other parameters were pretty good. Cobb rep said it was my gas and recommended I switch to the 91ACN map. I did and knock decreased but my AFR got worse and started to have erratic boost. Cobb rep then stated I had a post maf leak causing AFR to be off... well the first map I had no issues with AFR and I did not touch anything on my car to cause the change, as this was just simple stage one flash. Cobb rep then recommended that I switch to 91ACN LWG map, and guess what.... no change, the parameters were still shitty.

This Cobb rep then said, I have a mechanical issue ie. boost/vac leak and crappy 91 octane gas, and told me to go get a protune for the gas lol and also have mechanical issues ruled out ie. check for leaks! Because, the Cobb maps are safe and not the problem. WOW!!! I wish I had returned that damn $600 dollar piece and went e-tune to begin with! Cobb ots maps suck!

Needless to say I spent alot of money trying to resolve this, and had no mechanical issues with my car....Cobb maps were responsible.
Get an e-tune or pro-tune and use your access-port or return AP and buy a tactrix cable, download some software and go opensource and save your self some $$$

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