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Originally Posted by dahoseman View Post
I was just curious if anyone had heard any updates about the boxer diesel? I originally heard that it was going to be imported, then told it was a definite 'no'. I heard a rumor about it again and thought I would check here.

Subaru will have a run for its money with the Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv diesel. Just for reference, it's a small crossover, AWD, 6spd manual, 2.2L with 310lbs torque at 2000rpm, revs over 5000rpm, and gets over 40mpg. It's scheduled for 2013 in North America last I heard.
The problem is the price point. Think about the has the added cost of a turbo, intercooler, technology, etc. of the gasoline Legacy GT. What happened to the Legacy GT? Americans at this time are more sold on speed than mpg and the diesel would put Subaru up against different competition. It's easier for Subaru to compete against the entry level n/a gasoline cars like Malibu, Camry, Altima, Accord, etc. which don't have a turbo diesel.

That's my goofy ass opinion though...