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Originally Posted by monkeyposeur View Post
So would you have to go with a standalone or could you use a 22T or 20G ecu? How do you think the heads compare to the 20G heads? If I could find a set of 20G heads I would use them with a robtuned 20G ecu. But a 20G (robtuned or not) ecu works great with the 22T heads as well.

And you know you will never use those heads, so just sell them to me! I'll trade you for a set of 22T heads! Where did you find them anyway?
I have to go through my books to tell you exactly what the differences are. Idk them off the top of my head..

And nahhhhh, I think I'll keep them. And they are off the motor from my 96 GT that spun a main bearing.

Originally Posted by DOHCEJ22E1 View Post
I've done this once before but on a manual car & it ran pretty good N/A. Definitely felt more willing to rev than a normal 22E for sure. I lost a little on the low end from what I remember. I never documented anything from that car though since I wasn't really interested in that at the time. This engine will be more closely studied & documented while I run it in N/A form. I've seen that the 96 25D heads have larger intake ports but they also have the head chambers cut more closer to the EJ25 bore than the 97-99 heads. I don't think I'd trust those heads to be sealed on an EJ22 gasket safely. The 97-99 heads are more like the WRX heads than they are like the 96 heads. Either way, putting 25D heads on a 22T block would yield a compression under 8:1 & would most certainly have to be turbocharged as N/A power would be too low.
I expected a low end loss of power as the cylinder volume is smaller, as well as the lower compression ratio.

The only actual difference between the 96 and 97 to 99 heads are the chamber designs, as far as I can see. I believe the FSM states that they have the same maximum diameter. But don't quote me on that. I just konw that the 96 heads have a VERY similar combustion chamber design as all of the heads that come off of turbo motors. They'd have a lower compression ratio than the 97 to 99 heads, but I prefer that chamber design for the heads on a turbo motor.