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plastic seat back of driver's front seat
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Just a FYI in case this happens to someone else as lucky as I am....

My 9 year old (I think) somehow managed with his feet to pull the bottom of the plastic cover on the rear of the front driver's seat loose. I figured it was a simple snap in with clips, and it is. But since I don't have a masters degree in interior trim and I usually don't have extreme patience with things like this, I made myself figure it out. I didn't have any problem getting the side next to the door to secure back, but the side next to the console was a bear.

What I did was use the power recliner and tilted the seatback forward as far as it would go. When I did this it seemed to make everything line up in the back and it popped back in. Try this before you break a seemed to work for me.

Hope this doesn't happen to anyone else, but since I didn't see anything on the board related I thought I'd share.
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