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Originally Posted by Spanky View Post
What do you guys have running off these switches?

Not looking for a hundred replies, just some general uses for this.
Think backwards,
1) What does your car power that you might want to mess with?
2) What would you be interested in connecting or disconnecting?
3) What would you like to actuate that you currently cannot?

My setup, which will be changed:

-I have a kill switch that blacks out all my aftermarket interior displays for things like gauges, radar display, etc.
-AFR power switch. I use it if I'm going to be sitting a while with key at ON and engine OFF.
-LCD display connector switch.
-Green test connector switch.
-Various switches for diverting 0-5V sensor signals to a logger or a gauge, etc. Idea being you can have 3 temp senders, and only need one gauge display to show them. Saves money and dash clutter.

-Laser jammer kill switch is a good one, though many people are too caught off guard to use it. I don't have one.

-'Boom cannon' (epic loud horn for making the world a less happy place for everyone but you to be in). Again, I don't have one. I would however like a switch to use a real cannon on people who think it's okay to use a 140db horn during rush hour.

-Some idiots have a switch to kill their brake lights and all tail lights so they can run from the cops. It's safer to just pull over, say nothing, then call your lawyer in the morning.

-Plate flipper switch for running yellow lights (which you should never do anyways unless the driver behind you is an idiot on a cell phone and would likely rear end you and get people killed if you stood on the brakes). Would save explaining yourself in court to a judge who is paid by a system that needs all the money it can get. Again, I would not mess with this. Asking for trouble.

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