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For the first week, I felt almost no difference with the new brake components. This is surprising to me, as I really felt the SS lines and GS MC Brace would have done something positive for the pedal feel and brake performance. As I've mentioned in the brake thread, I am an automotive journalist. I drive 2-3 different brand new cars every week. That said, the OBXT has the worst brake FEEL of any car I have ever driven. Statistically, I don't know if it is the worst PERFORMING brake system I've driven, but reports from 2005 indicate a stopping distance of about 160-165 feet from 60 mph.

That is unacceptable under every circumstance.

This is my wife's car and it is driven city mileage almost exclusively. It will not see a track, despite the hardcore suspension. That is simply how my wife wanted her car to look and drive around town. Yes, she's awesome. The OB is also our family car, since it has a lot more space than my WRX wagon. So, that means it is our road trip vehicle when I'm not driving a new car from work. As much as I'd like to have more power, the tires, brakes, and suspension are more important and practical safety considerations than big time power, hence why we went this route first.

Now that the OB has 500+ miles since the brake install, allow me to reconsider some of my earlier thoughts:

There is a slight difference compared to the first few miles. Although I am an auto journo, I don't know a lot about brakes to accurately reflect what it is I feel. Also, I only drive the OBXT on the weekends, coming from my own WRX.

I feel more friction in clamping power when I step on the brakes. With a casual slowing down to stop at a light, the brake pedal is still mushy and it doesn't begin to clamp until halfway down on the pedal. AFTER the mush is where I feel the increased "friction" in the clamp.

When stopping quickly, or suddenly, with hurried but not emergency and medium effort, there is less mush. The bite is more instantaneous, but there is still mush. With this amount of effort, it does get through the mush spot quicker.

My own WRX has Autozone OEM replacement rotors, OEM pads, rear H6 rotor upgrade, and Goodridge SS lines. There is no initial mush and they are much more sensitive to tapping. But when I stand on them in greater than medium effort, it doesn't have that friction-kinda feeling. I suspect that is due to the pads since I recently went from Axxis Ultimate to OEM and didn't experience this before. I'm hoping the STI MC/BB gets the OBXT closer to this WRX-like feeling.

It's now been one week since I did the STI MC/BB mod:

Don't do it.

If, like me, you're expecting the STI MC/BB mod to improve performance, then look into racier brake pads instead.

If, like others, you simply want to firm up and reduce brake pedal travel, then go ahead. Understand though that this mod basically removes all feel. Yes, there won't be hardly any feel remaining. The pedal will travel down about what feels like .5", then it will just stop. I don't mean the car will stop, I mean that the pedal won't move any farther, no matter how hard you stomp the pedal.

So, it's basically costly swag, and another thing to say you did to your OB/LGT.

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