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Originally Posted by SSpeed View Post
1stick3pedals, I give huge props to you for completing the project and I bet your car is a blast to drive.

To be realistic though, and I hate doing that, you put in about 4 grand to get the car to the stock power potential of an LGT. That's just the power output, the brakes and everything else are still the lesser model.

It also depends on what the OP wants to do with the car. Sure, you can spend the extra money a GT would cost and add things to a 2.5i to get to a stock GT power level, but the GT also has upgrade potential from there. You can get to around 400awhp on a GT engine without tearing it apart, the converted 2.5i will not get you anywhere close to that.

It's all in what you want out of it. I don't think anyone who mods their car, 2.5i owners included, put a ton of work in to it and then are just done, completely happy with the power level. You always want a little more, and that little more will start to get very costly when you have to start tearing apart the motor to support higher power levels.

From your other thread:

I don't get the full mentality...
Thanks, and like many people will say, turboing a non-turbo car is not the best course of action one can take. But for me it was, and I plan on upgrading brakes/suspension/etc eventually. I get a heck of a lot more satisfaction out of making something with the mere basics, into exactly what I want it to be.

In reference to your full mentality statement, is that referencing when I said full internals? If so, I apologize if that came off as an ignorant reference, but until I tear down a motor, I'm not going to be an expert in the terminology and parts of one. As far as I know, when I build the motor for my car, I'm going to be putting in parts that will hold up to power levels beyond what I shoot for for reliability purposes.