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Originally Posted by ralphtc View Post
Let me rephrase myself, in my opinon there not illegal, my hid's are correctly installed and aimed,nobody has flashed highbeams at me ever, and I've had these headlights for many months now. You have your opinion, and I have mine.
They may be aimed properly, and never draw undue attention, but the legality isn't a function of your personal opinion - they are illegal, as in against the laws presently on the books. (just like most aftermarket exhausts, going catless, etc. - doesn't mean folks aren't going to do it, or that it's going to cause a problem to others, but they are still illegal)

personally, I've been blinded by enough kids who run them in their cars to look cool that I wish they were off the market...

However, aimed properly, with a headlight design that can handle the intensity, they aren't a problem.