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Remember, when making the switch to HID lighting you're also inviting other problems along with them.

First of all, they're not legal.

Secondly, the optics of the housings aren't designed for HID bulbs and can cause discomfort for oncoming drivers.

Third, quality. The forums are littered with people who have their HID ballasts and bulbs fail prematurely or suffer from other issues. Sometimes it's due to a botched installation, other times it's due to poor quality since aftermarket HID "kits" are 1) illegal and as such 2) aren't built to any standards. Do you really want to be troubleshooting an HID ballast issue in the middle of the night in the rain when your headlights don't come on? The tuners and the ricers don't care about these issues, but most "ordinary" drivers do.

Just stick some 65w OSRAM bulbs in there and be done with it.