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Thank you to all!!!
This car will be my baby until I actually have a baby

I went to a private high school and so everybody had rich parents. (Mom is unemployed) But I was lucky enough to have the hammy down Olds Alero that I made my own.

And almost every kid at that school had like a bmw or range rover or mercedes. So when I got my car sophomore year, I made it my prerogative to learn about cars. Little by little did I learn about my car and started doing routine maintenance and stuff on it. Eventually did mods to it with me and a buddy. (full exhaust. headers, high flow cat. dual outlet muffler)
I would listen to the kids talk about their cars and how their so fast. I just laugh because I know that 98% of those kids dont even know how to change their own oil!

So I kinda dont think too highly of the people who drive their parents nice cars and brag about it . I dont mind if you drive it, because thats not your fault that your parents had good jobs, but dont brag about your car when
1. you dont even know how it works
2. you didnt pay a dime, nor do you even pay for gas

Anyways, so I kind of feel like the only way to actually be proud of something that you have, is if you dedicate yourself to a goal, and strive everyday to achieve it. And thats what I did. Let me tell you, I barely got any sleep these past months. Would work from 7am till 3am on the weekends. I would go from one job to the next (worked as a barback ((like a bartender assistant)) at a bar).

But here she is and I am damn proud of myself. Sorry If I sound a little arrogant. But I am just excited and overjoyed that I finally got my car.
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