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I put the milk jug back in, here are some observations.
I should mention I have a big Perrin TMIC which appears to heatsoak more than the stocker when the car is sitting. It also sheds heat a lot faster.
Driving around/cruising intake temps haven't changed enough for me to notice. At 92 degrees outside the IAT was about 99-105 once I drove for a good bit, around town between stoplights about 110 or so.
What I have noticed is sitting at idle/stoplight/etc, the IATs don't shoot up as high and nowhere near as quick. Quite a big difference in fact.
Also, I replaced the air filter today which had 12K miles on it with the silencer removed.
What I had noticed is, and can't remember what it looked like WITH the silencer in, the bottom half was almost whistle-clean. It looked brand new. The dirt was concentrated in a round-ish pattern on the upper-half of the filter.
I've never seen the air filter be evenly dirty but I also don't recall it being THAT concentrated in one area of the filter.