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I have a 2006 LGT with 97k miles and the clutch finally went.

I got my Exedy FJK1001FW clutch and flywheel from Performance Parts Place for $540. I had it two days after I ordered and all was good. My local trusted shop put in for $550 and I have been running it for about 150 miles.

It feels different from the one I had in there and I stalled 3 times on the way home from the shop. It was very grabby, engaged very near the top of the pedal travel and over a very small part of the pedal travel. I've been driving manual trans for 22 yrs and in my small mind that makes me an expert so I was a little worried I had made a mistake switching from the DMFW to the LWFW. It's been a while since the car was new, but I don't remember it being this touchy. Over the past few days it has become easier to drive and less touchy. Starting up takes a little concentration and I can smell it breaking in...I hope that's what it is. The clutch pedal takes significantly less force which is very nice, but is not well matched to the force of the gas pedal, but I'm getting used to the feel. Once going, it feels really good. Shifting hard(I know I should wait, but it's hard to resist a couple) is easier and causes less vibration through the drive line. It seems like the revs drop to just about match the new gear or maybe since the lighter FW has less inertia it can allow the engine to adjust to the required rpms easier. Whatever it is it's nicer. The engine doesn't seem to rev much faster but maybe it does. My old VW passat VR6 reved really fast, but it was also really easy to stall. Replacing the transmission oil has made the trans feel really nice. With it broken in and the new oil it's shifts great. So, hopefully after the clutch breaks in a bit more it will be really great too.

Anyone know why the pedal seems to engage so high? I thought it was hydraulic, so I thought it automatically adjusted. Does it just take a while?

Also, anyone know why it is so grabby? I can't believe Subaru would sell many new cars if the clutch takes hundreds of miles to be smooth.

Is it all related? My theory is that the pedal is still adjusting so it engages very close to the top and over a very short range which makes the clutch feel grabby even though it's not particularly. The pedal on new cars is already adjusted correctly so the clutch is smoother.

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