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Any car will follow ruts or road crown. Subarus are slightly more succeptable to this because the alignment settings are completely neutral. A knowledgeable tech can make a car do anything if he fully understands alignment adjustments. The steering wheel is slightly off center because it wasn't perfectly straight when he adjusted the alignment. I just did an alignment on my car after I put the stock springs back on. My legacy wanted .00 degrees front and rear camber and .00 degrees toe fr and rear. This is a completely neutral setting and may cause the car to wander at high speed. By comparison a 2010 Camry will have positive rear toe of .15 per side for a total of .30 rear toe. It will have .05 neg fr camber per side for a total of .10 and the same for front toe. These settings greatly improve steering wheel return and high speed stability. This is the reason a Camry feels so stable. When I did my alignment I set my car at .10 per side rear toe and .05 per side fr toe with .02 per side fr camber. These are all positive numbers. I used these setting because I spend most of my time on the interstate and value good tracking. If the road is rutted or has excessive crown the car will still follow the ruts or crown but high speed instability will be greatly improved. The numbers above may seem drastic but we are talking about tenths of a degree and will not cause abnormal tire wear. If you have a good place ask them to run these settings they will greatly improve tracking. Hope this helps if you have any questions feel free to ask.
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