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New Owner with Handling Questions
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I just bought my first ever Subaru, so I'm new to the forum and new to the car as a whole. It's a 2012 Legacy Premium 2.5 CVT, and overall I think it's a great car. I wanted something safe for my family and good in winter without having to get an SUV. The second I drove it off the lot I noticed that when I had the steering wheel at center the car had a strong veer to the left. (Never test drove this specific model while looking.) I was able to get the car moving in a straight line on the highway when the steering wheel was a few degrees right of center and on a coast it stayed pretty true so I figure the wheels are balanced ok and it is an alignment issue. Took it to the dealer and they made some adjustments but it's still slightly off and continuing to veer left. Less so then before, but still there.

I also noticed on my first long highway trip that at 60-75mph the car seemed to fight me to stay straight. I didn't feel like I was moving the steering wheel around but I always seemed to be correcting it. I previously owned a Saab 9-5 and we currently own a VW Rabbit and neither ever felt this way on the road. I thought that perhaps the movement and "heavyness" of the steering was due to it being an AWD, but I've driven my parents Audi with Quattro and that never felt this way.

Is this highway wandering something that is fixable or is it just a quirk of the Subaru AWD and something to get used to over time. And does anyone have thoughts about the alignment.

You help and suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.
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