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Yeah, the increased caster is nice, but compared to previous generations we already have a lot more. My steering pump failed within three weeks of me installing the offset bushings. I don't know if that is direct cause or just coincidence but I'm not taking the chance. Honestly, just going to a stiffer rubber bushing already improves the handling and steering so much that I can live without the extra caster.

For me there were some big improvements and changes which came with the mods I did. I swapped from all stock to:

Powerflex offset poly rear bushing
WL poly front bushing
WL poly steering rack bushing

That was a huge change in several aspects:

1. Improved steering response, steering ratio seems higher
2. Less bump steer
3. Wheels stay pointed where you want over bumps in turns, rather than wander around
4. Stiffer steering, requires more effort at the wheel
5. More NVH
6. Squeaking over bumps like an old jalopy

Removing the offset poly bushings and going to the GrpN parts lost me some of #1 and 3, and all of #4, 5 and 6.

The other day at the track I thought to myself I sure wish I'd left the offset bushings on the car. For the 300km round trip, I was glad they're under my bench instead. I might be getting old. My wife usually picks up on small increases in NVH from my mods while I think it's fine. This time she didn't notice but I couldn't stand that damn squeaking or the banging from square-edged bumps. YMMV and all that...
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