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Looking for a few mod suggestions on a N/A
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So I have an 05 Non Turbo, and I just want to toss it out quickly that I do not plan on making this car into some sort of race worthy beast, otherwise I would've picked the GT. (honestly just couldn't afford the GT I was looking at so it was either the Non-Turbo or a Civic.. and I don't do civics)

I do however want to make some feasible adjustments to give the ride a little more oomph and raise the fun-o-meter a bit.

I have read some really simple things to start with would be the Air Intake, getting a Throttle Controller, and a Perrin Crank Pulley.

Air Intake is an obvious why, any specific suggestions you can make as far as brands go? I want to try something new instead of a K&N this time around.

Also Crank Pulley was pretty well described on Perrin's site, so that's simple enough.

What I don't really get is the throttle control, can someone give me a quick descriptor on the benefits of this and a suggested brand?

Beyond that is there anything else I could do to make minor improvements?

One other thing I was pondering is possibly a carbon fiber hood w/ pins. The current hood is sprinkled with tiny dings and paint scratches from excessive highway driving from the previous owner, it's certainly in good condition so I'm wondering if I could just take it off and sell it on the cheap to someone who would want to re-paint and pick up a new hood. Again not looking to go rice-crazy on it so I might just swap with someone?
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