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Help me diagnose my shimmy and shake!
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I balanced the tires recently.
I had the car aligned recently.
I replaced the pads and rotors last month (centric premium + stoptech pads)
I got an oil change and tire rotation 1200 miles ago.
I have KYB struts and shocks.
I did the 60K tune up around 20K ago. (plugs, coolant, etc)

Problem #1. No matter what I do, the ride in my car sucks. I can feel everything in the road, and while that doesn't bother me too much, the problem is a slight shimmy or shake when driving, it isn't much. You can feel it slightly in the wheel, and it seems to be worse the faster I go, around 70mph it is noticeable but the car really does not feel unstable. This has been happening for a while, maybe it is due to me paying more attention but it seems more noticeable now that I'm being bothered by the other problems below.

Problem #2 My steering wheel shakes when I am breaking in a normal fashion. If I hit the brakes hard, it does not shake, and if I hit them softly it does not shake, it seems like it only happens under normal breaking. This started happening Monday or Tuesday.

Problem #3 When I'm stopped at a stoplight my car shimmys. It shakes the whole car. it's not a violent shake, but it is noticeable enough for me to pick up on it no matter what is going on, even if I'm in a full blown conversation I can feel it. It does not appear that the idle is changing in any significant way during this. Kinda got me stumped here.

So what it comes down to, are what are the scenarios that could cause these issues? I know warped rotors could cause #2, but I seriously doubt they are warped, they have less than 3,000 miles on them. What else could cause this? Any parts in the front end? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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