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Originally Posted by winnipegsubaru View Post
Hey everyone, below is a write up I did for myself as I am trying to install the OEM nav into an 06 2.5i legacy.

If you could read the below, and comment on any info you might have (ie if I have the pins correct, or possibly where the connector is located in the car) That would be great.

I was originaly going to pull the wires off the OP connector, but since my 2006 Subaru does not seem to have an OP connector, I decided to pull as much as I can off the clock connector.

I have yet to install this, I have just been doing my homework thus far

Looking at the back side (where the wires are) [Nav System Screen]

Attachment 118169

Attachment 118341

10 Pin i50 Connector (looking from the back side) [Nav System DVD Player]

Attachment 118168

Pin 1 = NC
Pin 2 = To Pin 7 on Screen
Pin 3 = NC
Pin 4 = NC
Pin 5 = To Pin 4 on Screen
Pin 6 = Ground
Pin 7 = To Pin 8 on Screen
Pin 8 = To Pin 11 on Screen
Pin 9 = NC
Pin 10= To Pin 12 on Screen

Once I get this all sorted out, I will work on the audio portion of it.

Hope this helps someone else down the road
Audio out should be on the other 20 pin nav connector. Do you have the connector for it? I'm excited to see how the audio works out for you.