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I know you are trying to help and I do appreciate any feedback so please don't get me wrong but you are stating the obvious. When I said: "when you go to hot in the corner" I am pretty sure I made obvious that I made a mistake by entering the turn little too let's get over this part.... now if your suspension is well balanced and neutral and is not rolling to much that speed which you can take the car through the corner will be little faster right, so overall the whole adventure will be safer. The car will be more predictable at the limit so no, while I might not have a lot of experience on the track, I don't agree with you that "Stock suspension will work well when you pick the line....."

I don't go to the track to play nice and enjoy casual drive by. If I wanted to sight see the track I would take my wife's outback or better yet my neighbor's Buick...since stock suspensions are working so well in sticking to the line.
I am playing nice on the street. When I go to the track I will drive at the limit or close to it because I want to learn how to be a better driver. Track days are way to expensive and involve a lot of time, effort and money and are not often enough if you ask me so yeh I will push it and yeh I will enter that corner little too fast at times. Don't get me wrong I am not some maniac that is black flagged all the time I did my time on the track in Civic, then mazda 6 WAGON, now legacy ...all stock so I can tell you all you want about how well stock suspensions are holding the line

My goal is simple. I want to go faster on the track, the current suspension can only do as much. I am on the budget so I want to TRY with minimal investment and see if that helps, that's why I asked about sways. Yeh I know quality coilovers would make a difference, that's obvious isn't it?

When it goes to instructors and my statements about Putnam park...yeh REALLY I did drive with instructor in his race prepped mustang GT to show me the line and then we jumped into the legacy. After few laps of his instructions I was getting pretty fast on the track and he was very confident both in me and the car but even he mentioned that while suspension is surprisingly well balanced, I am reaching it's limitations. So there you have it. I can go with springs that are not really matched with my shocks. I can do close to $1k in Koni swap or I can spend $1.8k on tarmacs...or I can spend few hundreds on bars and see if that works for me. You tell me what to do. Yeh, I know I should slow down. See, I don't want to slow down though. Let's just assume I want to maintain my speed but have little bit more confidence in the car.

On a different note. I just came back from Gingerman Raceway and I absolutely butchered my left front tire. Please look at the attached picture. Obviously that tire sees the biggest stress on the track, still seems like a lot of wear. I am not sure if those tires are way past the best days or is suspension so soft and mass transfer is so dramatic that front tires just can't take it. Any thoughts highly appreciated. It just seems that tires are taking way more stress than they should. No I didn't check my alignment and yeh I am aware I should. I am waiting for camber bolt to arrive and I will do everything then. Car is holding line at any speed niceley so I am assuming alignment is at least close to acceptable.
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