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I'm a troll
Originally Posted by Drogos View Post
I did 4 or 5 track days but that puts me well into novice category
[Novice is not based on number of events completed, except maybe in SCCA/NASA. Its based on how well you, the driver, handle your car]

and stock suspension seem to be basically easy to drive because transitions are slow and car is wobly and compensates for drivers mistakes. The worst that can happen really when you go to hot into corner will go to wide and get 2 or all for on the grass.
[Slow down or brake harder. Stock suspension will work well when you pick a line and hold it. If you need to make mid-turn adjustments, you are too fast.]

Even that comes as no surprise and can be easily predicted
That's becoming a problem for me though. I think it's 3rd turn at Putnam park where you have to settle the car right away after the turn to be ready for the next one. It just takes too long.
[Slow down, or tap the brakes to settle the car]

Springs and shocks are to blame I am sure
[really? Have someone else drive your car with you as passenger]

but hopefully stiffer bars would help the car settle faster after turn ?
Reading this, you are doing it wrong. Learning to drive a tired suspension at speed is very educational. You have to plan ahead and keep in mind what your car will and wont do.
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