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Originally Posted by whitetiger View Post
for the track, sways will make the car harder to drive for a novice since they make the weight transfer on to the tires more abrupt. at the limit, for a novice it will cause easier snap oversteer or understeer. most track/autox people including me will tell you that its best to start with dampers/springs. go for the tarmac 1's. you say you already like the dynamic of the car, so you dont need says yet.

im sure a bunch of noobs are gonna chime in about how great swaybars are, but they are noobs and anyone who knows suspension tuning will tell you that you start with the dampers. and stock bilstiens are sh1t, get them revalved for track duty, get konis, or do coilovers.
Agreed. I've been instructing road racing for 10+ years. When I had my 05 legacy, first thing I did was konis. Then sti pink springs. Then whiteline 24mm bars f/r. But sways were last on the list.


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