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Originally Posted by Stang70Fastback View Post
I'd be curious as to how much those help too, because now that I DO have these beefy anti-roll bars, the whole body of the car creaks like crazy over uneven surfaces. In other words, not so much to improve handling, as much as to help avoid flexing of the body in the wagon. I feel as though the rear strut brace is what I really need, as I feel as though that is where the majority of the flexing occurs... though I'm wary of installing something like that which would permanently block the cargo bay, unless there was a model that had some sort of quick-disconnect setup.

I guess the beefier anti-roll bar means a lot more of the stress is transmitted through the rest of the body of the vehicle, now that the suspension can't absorb the uneven surfaces as well.

Exactly to the point. As great as an upgrade larger sway bars are, they push up on the strut towers causing them to flex and and this is where having a strut tower bar comes in handly to reduce some of it. It wont get rid of all the creeks and noises but it will reduce some and help give the car some more rigidness.

Wagons benifit most from a rear sway bar and greatly from a rear strut bar as the rear flexes more the sedans.

there are some on ebay that have the quick release but they go for a crapton of money. You can just buy the regular ebay one and go to your local hardware store compare the screws and and make your own quick disconnect bar for alot less!