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His Name is Josh, lives in Maine not too far from me actually. It dynoed 408 AWHP 346 ft lbs when i first had it and i drove it for 4 years after the swap. I bought the original shell from tri city subaru in 2004, then I drove it till i swapped it as a stage 2 car with some mild body mods. Was a great car but i wanted something newer i could do my long work commute with and not have to worry about anything (break downs, miles on the car(im anal lol), cops? etc etc.). This Spec b is a nice "blend in" looking car but still has that sporty look and feel with the amazing drivetrain/engine and some nice interior tid bits too. Thanks for the congratz!

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Who ended up buying your last car?

I miss the power of my ej207 but not the car it was put in

Spec B's are nice! congrats!
I love the fact they are SUPER light weight, the previous owner purchased them pretty much on that fact and that they were his favorite rim. I will be selling them once i buy my new set. Im looking at some Advan RS2's for summers prob with some toyo summer rubber. Then just rock some nice steelies or junk 17 inch rim with blizzack snows

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Those wheels suck, I'll dispose of them for you.