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Originally Posted by frank_ster View Post
yes the harness is easily changeable about 30 min job.

the wires go over to the rear dome light 1 ground screw near the rear dome light. then the wires gow down right behind the right brake light and there are 3 plugs un plug those and pull the wire up so you can access the dammaged areas with out cutting the acordian boot.
the rear hatch cover comes ovver easy with only 2 screws and 6 pop thingys . i'll take a few pics .
Very interested in your pics for this, I fixed my hatch lock and license lights by splicing 3 wires - at least 3 more look to be headed for failure. Saw one harness connection above the right rear taillight on the pillar, but it didn't look like it went into the hatch, and it only appeared to have two wires. There was another bundle of cables in some kind of sheath, but no harness connections accessible via the upper trim panel on the column. If I take off the lower panel, will I find more connectors for this harness?

Update: Wiring harness is $243(!) at local dealer, roughly $183 at Fred Beans. Both too pricey, sounds like time for a You-Do-It Electronics trip.

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