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Initial Review - Koni's + Whiteline LCA Bushings + Cobb Sways
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Alright there's alot of caveats on this review. My 08 LGT has 82.5k miles on it's original suspension, except the cobb sways were on there. Koni's were swapped in and set on FULL SOFT. Whiteline LCA bushings were put in.

An alignment was NOT done yet - I was advised to put a few hundred miles on the suspension to get it settle in and then align it. I can't wait as I think the toe is out on one side. I'll do a totally comprehensive review in about 1-2 weeks with details on bump steer, stability, etc.

Lastly, i am riding on High performance all seasons: Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S in 225/45/17 - these have some softness to them and they do roll a bit. Overall though they are very nice performers. They have 27k miles on them and have plenty of tread left.


Initial ride quality on full soft: When I pulled out of the shop, ride quality was a bit firmer/harsher than stock. I put 100 miles on the car on the drive home and by the end I would say ride quality is EQUAL or very slightly better than stock. Again, this is on full soft. It absorbs certain bumps better while others seem to transmit more harshness.

Handling/Steering: OMGWTF do not leave home without this setup.....DAMN!
Fellow forum members, I am not shitting you when i say that this setup makes an LGT handle and steer better than a 3-series w/ sport package.

I swear the car was transformed into rally car hotness on the way home. I was taking turns at obscene speeds. When large openings allowed, I was doing fast transitions across 2-3 lanes at 80-90mph just to marvel over the fact that it was being done in complete confidence. There was never any feeling of weight transfer - the car felt athletic and balanced.

The car turns in instantly. Understeer in pretty much gone. This car is f'ing neutral. The steering is instantaneous with no dead zone and feel has gone up a few notches. It's TOO twitchy right now, but I'm going to try to dial that down with the alignment, some very slight toe-in, and maybe a slight reduction in caster.


I am still hoping the struts are breaking in - I'd like a bit more softness as this is my wife's DD. And I need to get it aligned.

But without hesitation if you are looking for outstanding handling & steering: Koni's + Whiteline LCA bushings + Sway Bars = gold.

If you are doing the work yourself, you are looking at maybe a $800 investment too.
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